KWSnexuzhealth was founded in 2016 as a joint venture between UZ Leuven and Cegeka. The partnership is based on the existing Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system. The KWS EPR software is the result of years of development and knowledge gained at UZ Leuven and its partner institutions. Cegeka also brings to bear its 20 years of experience in healthcare solutions, which are currently in use at several hospitals throughout Flanders. This experience, combined with Cegeka’s technological know-how, provide the ingredients for a successful future. nexuzhealth currently employs ten staff and is based in the town of Hasselt.

nexuzhealth is looking to raise the quality of patient care by facilitating clear, transparent partnerships between hospitals. An integrated approach within and between hospitals will ensure that:

  • all disciplines feed into the same patient record;
  • there is just one record for each patient across all participating hospitals and for all types of care providers;
  • information is interpreted by the different institutions in the same way;
  • knowledge is shared across hospitals.

nexuzhealth believes that this is the only sure way of raising quality in the care sector to a higher level.