Sint-Jozefskliniek [Saint Joseph’s Clinic] in Izegem opts for EPD from nexuzhealth


Leuven – 16 July 2018 - Sint-Jozefskliniek in Izegem will soon start using the electronic patient dossier (EPD) from nexuzhealth. The choice for the Clinical Workstation, the EPD from nexuzhealth, is fully in line with the innovative path the hospital has charted. With this cooperation arrangement, Sint-Jozefskliniek will join the nexuzhealth network, which already comprises half of the Flemish hospitals.  The software system will be implemented as of September 2018.

Sint-Jozefskliniek is geared primarily to patients from the region. The Izegem-based hospital boasts 600 staff and 66 doctors and handles some 555 births, 8,700 hospitalizations and 14,500 emergencies every year. “Our hospital places the patient centre stage as much as possible and focuses on the quality and experience of care, patient safety and patient orientation. The EPD gives us more options for further improving this approach,” says David Struyve, surgeon and member of the IT committee.

Digitization as key

In concrete terms, the decision to choose the EPD from nexuzhealth was based on three pillars. With the EPD from nexuzhealth, Sint-Jozefskliniek opts, first of all, for a platform that is best attuned to its needs.  David Struyve:  “The EPD enables us to fully digitize the medical and nursing dossier as well as medication management, and to do so in the same structure. In this way, all relevant information is easily available in the hospital.”

Simpler data interchange in nexuzhealth network

In addition, the use of the EPD plays an important role in improving the quality of care and mutual cooperation with other hospitals. “The choice of nexuzhealth ensures the necessary compatibility with our most important partner, AZ Groeninge. Because all information is now stored in the same medical file, we can share such elements as patient data and research results easily with each other. The EDP moreover enables us to expand uniform structures spanning both hospitals,” Dr Struyve adds.

Cooperation as a crucial factor

Network care is the care of the future.  Gertie Delande, CEO of nexuzhealth: “The care of the future will be characterised by different networks cooperating round the care provider.  The KWS is fully in line with this vision of the future and provides optimal support for cooperation between network hospitals, between hospital and eHealth services, between hospitals and the first line… We are looking forward to providing advice and support to Sint-Jozefskliniek on that front.”