What is mynexuzhealth?

Mynexuzhealth is a secure web application for patients of nexuzhealth hospitals. Via mynexuzhealth, you have acces to your medical record. You can log in with your nexuzhealth code card, your electronic identity card or via itsme®.
Here are all the modules available:


This section provides a summary of your appointments, including those with specific nexuzhealth partners. If the summary is blank no appointments have been arranged for you at this point in time.  You have the option to respond to an appointment and view/print the confirmation letter that provides additional information. Some partners will allow you to make an appointment yourself.

New! A telephone consultation or a video consultation can replace a normal consultation in certain circumstances. View what you need and how a video consultation works.

small_facturen.png Invoices

A summary of your invoices. Not all nexuzhealth partners provide electronic invoices via Doccle

Medical dossier

small_contacten.png Contacts

An appointment or an admission can include various points of contact. Here you can find an overview of where you've been, if applicable with an attachment (a report, a document, lab results...). Telephone calls, a consultation where your file or your treatment is discussed or other consultations where you are not physically present are also shown here.

small_verslagen.png Reports

A summary of validated final reports of, for example, radiological scans, consultations, hospital admissions, function measurements or lab results. You will be able to view reports once they have been validated by the doctor in charge of your treatment. Read the disclaimer and the FAQ which mentions a few important points regarding the viewing of reports

small_technische onderzoeken.png Technical examinations

Your laboratory and pathology reports, ECG and radiological images are available here. We recommend that you discuss the reports with your doctor or GP, as they will provide any necessary clarification.

small_voorschrift.pngPrescriptions (new!)

An overview of your medical prescriptions.

small_klinische studies.pngClinical studies (new!)

An overview of your active and finished clinical studies.

small_documenten en beelden.png Documents and images

The images (photographs, video), documents and drawings included in your medical dossier.

small_documentatie.png Documentation

Mynexuzhealth aims to combine information where possible and provide it online to enable you to examine it at your leisure at home following your visit to the hospital. Medical information includes brochures, video clips, photographs, links to websites, etc.
It is possible that no information is available for your specific disorder.

small_externe bronnen.png External sources

Your medical data from external applications are available here providing you have given your informed consent via the government’s eHealth platform.

small_vragenlijsten.png Questionnaires and diaries

We will ask you to complete a questionnaire and/or keep a diary for specific care projects. Your input will help your care providers to provide the best possible treatment.


small_profiel.png Personal data

View or amend your personal data, language preference, contact data, photograph, etc. This section also provides the option to manage the password and username you use to log in.

small_meldingen.png Notifications

You can indicate here whether, and when, you would like to receive a reminder by e-mail concerning your appointments or new information in your dossier. 

small_toegangen.png Access

Check which GP or care provider, who referred you, can consult your electronic patient dossier at a nexuzhealth hospital from their practice. You can also request access for third parties (e.g. on behalf of minors/young children). 

small_toegang gebouw.png Building access

Certain hospitalisation units are accessible via QR codes. Manage your own and your visitors’ code here.

small_berichten.png Messages 

Do you have questions concerning your invoice, administrative data or need technical support? Send us a message. Some services can be contacted directly via the message module.
Obviously mynexuzhealth is not intended to replace direct communication with the care providers in the hospital.

vragen of suggesties Questions and feedback

You can use mynexuzhealth for any questions or feedback. Go to the Messages section and send a message to the technical Helpdesk or consult the FAQ.